UX Society EB Interest Check


Hey there, UXer! Want to join the Executive Board run for AY 2022-2023? Read through the primer and see which available position would fit you best. πŸ‘€ Interested? Don’t forget to confirm your interest!

πŸ‘‘ President

The President is the highest ranking executive in the organization. They are in charge of establishing the vision and mission for the organization and making sure it can be translated to a portfolio of projects and events during their term.

About the Role

They are responsible for leading the growth of the entire organization and also should be open to mentoring the next set of leaders for the organization. The President is also responsible for coordinating with LIONS, Ateneo admin and other offices, as well as external UX Society chapters. They shall be willing to guide interested students outside of Ateneo de Manila that may be interested in founding their own UX Society chapter for their respective universities.

It’s recommended that the President has the skills of excellent communication, persuasion, and conflict management. Furthermore, they should possess adaptability, clear judgment, and past experience/s on leadership and team management in order to effectively guide the organization and its members towards growth.